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Chai Masala Tea now in liquid form

Ceylon the home of tea and renowned for spices has developed a 100% natural instant Chai Masala mix for tea lovers. Now you do not need to boil all the spices and go through the hassle of making a Chai Masala tea. All you need is our Instant Chai Masala Mix.

Make your favorite cup of milk tea and add a drop of our instant Chai Masala mix in to your cup just before serving. It is that simple to enjoy a refreshing cup of Chai

All our ingredients are 100% natural, water soluble and produced in Ceylon .

Dru Era chai masala mix contains Cinnamon Bark oil, Cardamom extract, Cumin oil, Coriander extract, Clove oil, Ginger oil, Celery extract, Nutmeg oil, Chillie extract, Black Pepper oil

Our instant Chai Masala mix can make over 100 cups of Chai tea


A drop of our 100% natural

Chai Mix

into your

milk tea

is all what it takes

Instant Chai Masala 40 ml



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